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         開始時間: 2016-08-17 10:00:00
         報告地點: 實驗三樓102
         報 告 人: Dr. Federico Thei(意大利Elements SRL公司CEO)
         主辦單位: 化學與分子工程學院
         備    注:

        Federico Thei, is CEO and co-founder at ELEMENTS SRL (Italy) since December 2013.

        ELEMENTS is a startup company specialized in the production of electronic measurement instruments for nanosensors, especially electrophisiology and nanopore analysis. Elements technology is based on the microelectronic design of custom microchips (ASICS) using standard and low-cost CMOS process. Elements microchips allow the Company to produce miniaturized devices, portable and easy-to-use, that enable nanotechnologies to be employed in new and emerging fields.


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